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Date: 01/02/2020

This month, we look at the importance of preparing for tough times. For instance, Dom Crawley of BASECON reckons an economic downturn is an opportunity to re-evaluate your systems, your waste, and ensure you’re providing the very best value to clients.

And this season's bushfires are a terrible reminder that crises can hit unexpectedly. Allan Briggs of Crisis Shield asks whether you're prepared for devastating situations which could leave your business vulnerable, whether it's a fire, flood, death of a staff member, or a financial crisis.

Also this month, Mark Holton explains the importance of integrating your business advisory to a CRM. Lawyer Lionel Green helps you recognise the warning signs that your clients are in financial distress. Nicola Moras shows us how to promote our businesses on social media.

Michael Jones continues his series on business structures – this month it’s all about companies. Darrell Hardidge of Saguity warns against getting into a price war with your competitors.

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