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Date: 01/06/2020

This edition of Business in Focus marks an exciting turning point in our own business. For many years you've known us as BE Media Production – now we're calling ourselves SoundCartel.

We're still the same folks in the studio, but the world of audio is changing fast. We've taken a bold step – and we believe the right step! – to carve a name in the new markets of sound and audio. Business in Focus remains as it is, and that means providing you with the very best, up-to-date information and advice on growing your own business. This month's no different. Tech guru Trevor Long tells us which technologies are helpful to our businesses as we work more remotely than ever before. The ATO's Jamie Norton warns us to be vigilant of cyber threats. Michael Jones unpicks the rules around JobKeeper, which are still leaving many business owners scratching their heads. Lawyer Grant Guenther examines contractual obligations amidst COVID-19. Gavin Mahoney helps our teams perform better. Paul Matthews says better communication is great for business. And we finish the program with entrepreneur Tom Matzen on how to build a bigger business fast!Log InSubscribe