Introduction September 2022

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Date: 01/09/2022

This month we look at a number of ways to market yourself, including the importance of being authentic. James Smith of Smith Brothers Media insists consumers are more sceptical than they’ve ever been.

If you can show the “real” you in your online messaging, he says, you’ll stand out much more from your competitors. 

Also this month, Michael Edelstein helps us with the skills shortage. Presentation expert Michelle Bowden asks what kind of bird archetype you are. Anthony Healy’s Australian Business Growth Fund is looking to help businesses raise capital.

Ruchi Gupta returns with client-focused advice. Scott Stein explains why a hybrid workforce is here to stay. Owen Dingle of Mazars discusses the business case for reducing your carbon footprint.

Joe Hart helps us deal with the rude behaviour of staff and clients. And we finish with Tony Gattari’s sage advice on increasing the value of your business.

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