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Date: 01/10/2022

A perpetual flux is how it feels right now for many in business. What happens at the macro level tends to trickle down to affect us all in the day-to-day running of our businesses.

We start the month by examining the bigger picture with Professor Neville Norman of Melbourne University. He says we will face more economic headwinds before things turn better.

At the bigger end of town – the unions, politicians and large corporates – got together recently at the Jobs and Skills Summit, the smaller players were represented by Alexi Boyd, CEO, the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia. We hear from her what representations she made and what the summit means for the bulk of businesses across the country.

Also this month, consultant Rob Nixon encourages accountants to design their practice as a vehicle to live a life not held back by time or money. Entrepreneur David Shein grew his tech and communications business from the ground up to $1 billion in value 15 years.

Social media expert George Hawwa helps you build your brand value. Alan Manly helps us get back out into the world and start networking again. Michelle Bowden returns with tips on how to generate enthusiasm in others.

We finish the program with Canadian entrepreneur Roy Osing, who insists you should hire people who like people. Sounds obvious, but he shares his technique to know if they indeed do like their fellow Homo sapiens.

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