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Date: 01/12/2022

Although 2022 has been another shocking year, there is good news ahead. Professor Neville Norman looks back at the year, and how a rise in household consumption is good for business next year.

Also this month, David Ross says to build a successful advisory practice, accountants need to find the right model. Alita Harvey-Rodriguez highlights five impacts of the great employment reshuffle.

Dan Williams of EOS Worldwide advises what you should say to your team when someone quits. James Smith returns to uncover the power of intrigue marketing. Tax expert Michael Jones looks at superannuation following October’s federal budget.

Lawyer Joanna Oakey says it’s wise to lock in value when selling your practice. Entrepreneur Roy Osing is back, this time with leadership advice.

And we finish the program, and the year, with workplace expert Michelle Gibbings and her tips on taking a well-earned break over Christmas.

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