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Date: 01/03/2023

It’s always prudent to keep abreast of change. Impacts won’t necessarily happen right now, but when they do happen you won’t be caught by surprise. One potential massive change is the impact of a new artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT.

You may have heard about ChatGPT, but perhaps you don’t quite understand what it is. That’s okay, we’ve invited our favourite futurist to explain what it means and the benefits for business. 

Also this month, Mark Holton of Smithink shares his tips for practice partners to prepare for the rest of the year. Professor Neville Norman helps us make sense of inflation and whether we’re heading for a recession. Lawyer Tracey Mylecharane encourages us to implement a privacy policy.

HR guru Karen Gately explains everyone’s responsibilities when it comes to sick days. Tax expert Michael Jones discusses self-managed super funds for older members. Les Watson says we’re all leaders, but there are certain characteristics that make you a better one.

And we finish the program with some self-reflection. Esther De La Cruz says handling change is achievable with the right mindset.

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